The Company

AziendaThe reality of MAELVA PROGETTA E ARREDA in Senna Comasco, today is an excellent result given by the sum of experience and attention to detail in the interior design and exteriors. 

The term Design and Decorate was not chosen at random:  MAELVA  wants to understand, in two words, how to be accompanied and supported in their choices especially in the design stage, to all those who are looking for furnishings of your home in a mirror and which reflected an environment where you feel comfortable.


 MAELVA is a company that has been able to evolve while remaining faithful to those who are its strengths: the versatility of its furniture and the guarantee time offer increasingly advanced with an eye to the safety of the past, to what good has been able to offer from the heart of the Brianza to arrive at national borders and beyond. Those who choose to decorate their spaces MAELVA know to find reliability and effectiveness. Fulfil your dreams turning in an environment with one certainty: the guarantee that Maelva can give you the best offer and the continuous availability over time.